Sunday, December 29, 2013

"Something The Lord Did"

About twice a month our family goes to Lowe's to do these kid projects. Today we got to make toy airplanes and the kids seemed to truly enjoy it. After it was over we loaded up in the van and headed for home. As we were driving Curran said, "Daddy you know making the airplanes reminded me of how God made us." I said, "Wow, yeah bud that is awesome." Tamika chimed in and said, "Curran do you know who revealed that to you, it was the Holy Spirit."

What made this a great moment was that God was able to speak to Curran in a practical way. When Peter understood that Jesus was The Christ. Jesus rejoiced because The Holy Spirit was maturing Peter in his faith. It is always cause to rejoice when people are growing in the faith and God is revealing Himself to them day by day. It is better to grow spiritually by spending time with Christ then to grow from what you heard from others.

We become so dependent on a good sermon, inspirational post, a best-selling book, or our friends that we neglect to learn from spending time with Jesus. No person, place, or thing can ever teach you as much as Christ. But we have put forth the effort to sit and learn from Jesus. We have to commit to spending time in prayer and study of God's Word. We see that Jesus rejoices more we learn from Him then when we learn from others.

If you looking to internet websites, daily devotions, a sermon, or Godly people as your only source of guidance then you have missed it friend. We all need to start learning to seek God daily and grow in Him. We need pull ourselves away from being "spoon feed" and start eating directly from the source. God desires to show Himself to YOU but are you willing to humbly pursue Him? Are you willing to spend time in prayer and taking time daily to read His Glorious Word. Because He desires to bring you closer to Him, and He stands with great excitement waiting. Stay focused, you can do this.

"In His JOY!"

Read the Word, Share the Gospel, Be accountable.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Broken Glasses

"Broken Glasses"

Today Amber broke her glasses. It was not something she intended to happen, planned on, or even thought would happen it just did. Immediately she began to cry and ran to me to comfort her. She did not try to fix her glasses, blame someone, or hide what happened. Amber just ran to me. She said "Daddy can you fix it", I looked at her with assurance and said "Yes baby, I can fix it." Amber then buried her head in my chest and continued to cry as I held her. The glasses were minuscule to me and replaceable. But to her they were everything. I thought of what happened to Amber today and how it relates to prayer.

When my heart is broken over sudden tragedy, consequences from sin of my own doing, or even broken promises. Do I run to complain first, hide to cover my sin, or do I turn to my Heavenly Father much like Amber did to me? Because prayer is the first step and not the last support.

My problems seem so big to me and small in the hands of God. Yet He tells me "Give me all you worries and cares because I love you.". I look up to Heaven like Amber did me and I ask "Daddy can you fix it?" And He replies "Yes, I can fix it." And I place my face back in the chest of God and cry. He doesn't preach me a sermon, tell me to man up, or even say "If you were a stronger Christian you would not be sad or crying." No He says, "I am close to the brokenhearted."

God is a mender of the brokenhearted and He says I AM here for you. I AM more than able to wipe your tears and stand against your problems. I AM the solution to your problem and the counselor who is always on call. I AM your everything my child, my love, my valued one. I AM here for you, I love you.

So sleep well tonight daughter and/or son of Christ. God is there and just like Amber you can lift your prayer to your Father and rest in His Arms. He is in control. Don't run to worry, seek to sin to reduce stress, and don't try to fix it. Let God be God in your life and show you how truly good He is. Read these scriptures and hear God talking to you.

1 Peter 5:7, Psalm 34:17-20, Song of Solomon 2:6, Isaiah 9:6

Sunday, December 15, 2013

"Playing God's Song"

Following Jesus means absolute self denial. It means we choose to accept the bible as total truth and anything that speaks to the contrary as demonic lies.

But the cost of being a disciple of Christ is often lost in our Americanized version of Christianity. We are often taught that "it's all about you" from the pulpit. We are encouraged to seek our moment, season, personal prosperity, goals, and achievements. We seek out preachers and teachers that appeal to our emotions but fail to seek out those who will teach how to live for Christ. This is not to say we should not dream but it is to say our dreams should be Christ focused and Christ centered.

Following Christ means we may lose friends and gain enemies. Have others turn against us and may even be subject to death. But the reverse is also true. We may have enemies who come to know Christ and become like family. We will meet people that have an eternal impact on our lives for the good.

Following Christ also means, making time to spend with Jesus. It means carving out time in our day to read God's Word and applying it to our lives. It means teaching others what we have learned and being held accountable by others as well.

It means prayer becomes essential and not just an action we take when tragic events occur. We take the time to seek God about any and everything. We become warriors of prayer and people of praise.

Following means we follow whether times or good, bad, or indifferent. It means doing God's Will whether we agree, disagree, or unsure. Our trust is not in who we are it in whose we are.

Long story short we do not play to the tune of our choosing we play to the tune of Christ. Count the cost friends and follow Christ to the end. Stay focused, you can do this.

Luke 14:25•33

"In His JOY!"

Read the Word, Share the Gospel, Be Accountable
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Friday, December 13, 2013

"Look at me"

So my daughter Amber asked to climb on my shoulders and be carried around the house. She full of bubbling JOY! when she asked but when she sat upon my shoulders fear began to take over. She panicked and wanted to get down immediately. I looked at Amber and said "Look at me." She glanced for a second in my direction but she soon lost focus and looked at down. She was projecting her falling to the floor. But again I said, "Look at me.". This time Amber looked me in the eyes and would not let anything take her focus from me. I gently let her down and placed on the ground. After she was down I told her "Daddy will not let you fall." She said, "Okay." Her brother and sister then climbed on my shoulders and Amber watched as they enjoyed being on Daddy's shoulders. Amber than came up to me and said, "Daddy can I get on your shoulders?" I told her yes and I watched in the mirror how she smiled and laughed when I put her on my shoulders, her fear of falling left and she began to trust in me.

God's Will is always scary when we first start. The excitement we had about planting a church, volunteering in ministry, the new job, devotions with our family, or even talking to someone about Christ quickly dissipates to fear. It because when we start the new journey in God's Will our focus shifts off of God and on the taunting task that is before us. 
Instead of thinking of how we will be successful, we think of how we will fail and fall flat on our face. The problem with focusing totally on the vision and not The Vision Giver is we only see the result of victory and not the work and trust it would take to get there. Just like Amber was joyful about climbing on my shoulders, she began to fear when she realized she would actually have to climb to get my shoulders first and then second she would sit on them. We will have to put in some work when we are doing God's Will and when finally achieve the vision we will have to trust in Him that He will sustain us. 

We do both these task by looking at Him continually. We do not I repeat do not take our eyes off Him. We look to Him through prayer and reading His Word. We build our trust up. His Spirit will be there to remind us of God's Faithfulness to carry out His Will and Good Pleasure in us as long as we stay focused on Him. We also surround ourselves with believers who will encourage us to climb and believers who have climbed before us. Just like Amber watched her siblings trust in me enough to climb and sit on my shoulders, we look to Godly Christians who have been where we are  going and can encourage us every step of the way.

So in the midst of your journey in God's Will, here Him say, "Look at me", then focus on Him and climb. When you reach the goal God has set before you, trust that He did not bring you up this high to fall. Stay focused, you can do this. 

Exodus 14:13•14, Habakkuk 2:3, Psalms 37:1•7,23,34,39

"In His JOY!"

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Let your husband take take the lead

Wives if you really believe in your husband then let him lead. You have to trust God knows what He is in doing in your husband's life. A Christian Man will only lead his family as far as they trust him. And he will not compete with you for leadership in the household, he will sooner passive and let you lead. Put your faith in action and trust in The Lord's Way, not your own. Continually pray the Lord guide your husband and surround him with Godly influences. And husband, dive in the Word of God and prayer, to find out how God has called you to lead. Marriage will only work if you do it God's Way. But marital problems always surface when we fail to follow God's Plan and pursue our own. Stay focused, you can do this.
Colossians 3:18-21, Ephesians 5:22-33

"In His JOY!"

Read the Word, Share the Gospel, Be Accountable

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Rock'em Sock'em Christians

Christians easily lose focus on how to love each other. We have a tendency to look upon each other as the enemy. Our intent changes from loving each other to inflicting emotional harm. Love is the most excellent way but hate has a more satisfying feeling to us. So we chose to hate never realizing the world looks at us like spoiled brats playing "Rock'em Sock'em Robots". But we profess the love of Christ with the same mouth we use to curse our brothers. We distort God's Word to our advantage and act as if God loves us more than the person we hate.

We have missed it Christians. God so loved the WORLD that His died for us all. It was the greatest extension of grace and mercy in all of history. So why do we fail to give it so often. Anger gets the best of us and causes to act out in fits of rage, when this happens we fail to promote the righteousness of God. But love leads others to see their faults, admit their sins, and change. God's Love for us lead us to acknowledge our wrongs, confront our sin, and follow after Him.

I am not speaking as a man who has no experience of learning to love those he is trying not to hate. I am speaking as a man who is fought the battle within himself to love through the power of Christ. Your Christian brother is not the enemy nor is the unbeliever who does not know God. They are just people who have accepted the lies of the enemy. Yes they speak ill of you, ruin your reputation, mock you, and use scriptures to hurt you. But God's grace outweighs sin and His loves conquers all. The fight is not with those we see, it is with the unseen enemy. It is with the one who has deceived us and deceptively gained control. But the God in us is stronger than our hate and the enemy's lies. We do not have the power to change others or but we do have the power to forgive and love.

We must stop playing the devil's game of hate boxing and start embracing each other with the love of Christ. The world will never taste and see the Lord is good if we as Christians keep putting a bad taste in their mouths with our hatred and ill-treatment towards one another. Stay focused you can do this.

James 1:20, 1 John 4:4, 1 Corinthians 13, Ephesians 6:12, 2 Thessalonians 3:15, John 3:16-20

"In His JOY!"

Read The Word, Share The Gospel, Be Accountable

Sunday, November 17, 2013

I am not your enemy

If we regard another Christian as an enemy, we will never be able to love them as a brother.

2 Thessolassians 3:15

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Let your life speak for it's self, stop bragging about it.

We study God's Word not to brag about our knowledge of it but to grow in spiritual maturity and become closer to Christ.
Psalms 1:2-4, 119:27

Live like you know God

God beckons us by His Spirit to live a righteous life. He enables is through the power of His Spirit to do so and gives us His Word to show us how. Today let us boldly answer the call of living a life that pleases God instead of rejecting it as we have done in the past. You can do this.

Hebrews 12:25

Sunday, November 3, 2013

"Shake -N- Bake"

God will shake up your life not to startle you but remove the things that will not last. He shakes us up to help us see the temporary things/people who are enticing us to walk away from God (because that is where you will find the devil) and to show us the eternal things/people He has given us to help us walk closer to Him (because that is where you will find Him). In the end the shaking is for our good, embrace it. Stay focused you can do this.

Hebrews 12:5-11,26-29

"In His JOY!"

Read The Word, Share The Word, Be Accountable

Sunday, October 27, 2013

"You can't hug someone with your finger"

I realized today when Jesus said "Lord forgive them, they have no idea what they are doing", He gave grace instead of judgment on behalf of those who betrayed Him, left Him, and condemned Him. He made a clear path for them to come back to Him because He knew they would need Him in their life even if they did not know it now. So with His last words to them He resolved any burden of guilt that they would carry in the future and when they eventually turned from their sin and sought after Him, He would be there waiting not pointing the finger of condemnation for their past but an embrace of love for the glorious journey they He would take them on in the present and the future. We in turn should do the same to those we think abandoned us, condemned us, and/or betrayed us. Offer forgiveness instantly to resolve any guilt, stand ready to love whether our relationship becomes restored or not, and walk beside in the faith as they grow closer to Christ. Stay focused. You can do this.

Luke 23:34
"In His JOY!"

Read The Word, Share The Gospel, Be Accountable

Monday, October 21, 2013

"Watch the storm pass, but do not go with it"

God is stronger than your situation and and His peace is more stable than the storm, continue to trust and rely on Him regardless what is going on around you. You are only watching the storm pass through your life, it is not taking you with it. Stay strong. 2 Corinthians 4:810, 16-18, Matthew 7:24-27
"In His JOY!"

Read the Word, Share the Gospel, Be Accountable.

Hosea 6:6

Filled with God's Love

Hope of Glory




He is our Avenger

"A wounded world needs a Healing God"

All around the world people are being killed over senseless acts. Churches have been bombed, malls have been mascaraed, people are scarred to go to work for fear of their lives, and kids are are not sure if they will make it home alive. We can look at all the senseless acts of violence and say,"Lord Jesus pleas don't tarry anymore." Or we as Christians can stand up and share an Eternal Hope with those around us who are perishing. We can go beyond posting scripture and actually sharing it with our neighbors, we can move past looking for our "breakthrough" and share the Balm of Gilead with the person who is "broken". We could stop talking about the end times and start actively being involved with those in this "present times". We could stop complaining about how one political party is holier than another and start inviting everyone to join the only "Party" that matters. We could stop dividing over race and realize we are One In Christ. We could be more than just a witty #hashtag comment in the lives of our enemies and be a sign of a "cross" to them. We could actual lead someone to Christ, help them live live a Christian, and teach them how to do the same to others. We could stop trying to be known by all and be significant in the lives of the few. We could stop complaining of where we are and start being used where we are. The world may get darker but we as Christians can shine His Light a lot BRIGHTER! The harvest is plentiful my friends, let's do the work.

Matthew 9:35-38, 28:16-20, Jeremiah 29:7

"In His JOY!"

Read the Word, Share the Gospel, Be Accountable.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Holy Spirit is not your conscience

Our conscience helps to differentiate between right and wrong but it takes God's Spirit living inside of us to show us difference between the paths of evil that lead to death and the Path of Righteousness that leads to life.

Galatians 5:16-26

Sunday, October 13, 2013

"You donkey!"

Never be impressed that God is speaking through you, but be impressed that your name is written in Heaven. Be impressed because an Immortal God allowed mortal men to kill Him. And God only did this because you were not fit to be the sacrifice that would guarantee you could be with God for all eternity. If He can you use a donkey He can use anyone but it took a God dying for you to truly live. Although it is awesome for God to use us never lose sight of the true miracle of salvation, stay humble friends.

Numbers 22:28, Luke 10:20

Read the Word, Share the Gospel, Be Accountable

"In His JOY!"

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Put your toys away, it's time to grow up

Children cannot chose their parents or the environment they are raised in. But when they become adults they must learn to shed the scars of life that stunt spiritual growth. And not become complacent by contributing all their character flaws and weaknesses on their parents and environment. This is to not make light of our struggles but it is to say we must relay on Christ to strengthen us as we confront our weaknesses in order to be more like Him. it's what mature Christians do. A some point we have to grow up.

1 Corinthians 13:11, 2 Corinthians 12:9-10

Read the Word, Share the Gospel, Be Accountable

"In His JOY!"

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Open the eyes of my heart...I want to see me

Be bold enough to ask God to reveal the areas in your heart that do not honor or please Him. But be courageous enough to dive into His Word and change those areas in your heart and life as well.
Psalm 139:23-24, Psalm 119:9-11

Even the psychics couldn't see this coming

When we turn to psychics and horoscopes we are showing that we doubt the truth of God's Word and the validity of His Spirit. He gave us His Spirit and His Word to be an assurance of our hope and future with Him. But the devil offers psychics and horoscopes to delude our thinking and confidence in Christ. Reading the horoscopes and trusting in psychics shows you have more trust in the devil's lies than you do in God's truth. Trust in the One who designed you with a purpose and not the father of lies who only wants to see your demise.

Jeremiah 29:12, Proverbs 3:5-6, Leviticus 19:31, Isaiah 8:19, John 10:10

Read the Word, Share the Gospel, Be Accountable

"In His JOY!"

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Stop spreading death like butter on bread

Acts of human independence apart from God lead us toward destruction and spreads death but acts of dependence upon God in Christ leads to victory and spreads life. Don't believe me, ask Adam.

Romans 5:12,15-19, John 15:4-6

Read the Word, Share the Gospel, Be Accountable

"In His JOY!"

Sunday, September 15, 2013

The Jesus Life

Live your life in such a way that the only one word could describe it, that Word is "Jesus"

Galatians 2:20

Read the Word, Share the Gospel, Be Accountable

Sunday, September 8, 2013

JOY! Hot Air

Strong Tower

JOY! Light

"Wait I'm not Lord"

If we choose to disobey God we are arrogantly taking the title "Lord" from Jesus and crowning ourselves as Lord of our life. Obedience is not optional. Either we will submit to His Lordship or we will be resistant and walk in pride, warning pride and arrogance are the prelude to our demise.

Proverbs 16:18, Daniel 4:27-33

Read the Word, Share the Gospel, Be Accountable

"In His JOY"

Walking in pain because I am obedient

Jesus agonized over the reality of pain for the honor of doing God's Will. He made the conscience choice to walk in obedience and accept the suffering so God would receive glory. He was praying for strength to do God's Will. We too must accept any suffering that may be a direct result for doing God's Will and pray for strength to continue on despite the suffering. We do not seek to be honored for it, we only seek to bring glory to God so others may know Him.
Romans 8:36, Luke 22:39-46

Sunday, August 25, 2013

"I am not your enemy brother!"

Funny how we can recognize when we are offended by another Christian but we fail to recognize how the devil uses a momentary offense to make us eternal enemies with our brother and sisters in Christ. See the devil for who is and see that Christian, who offended you as a brother or sister in need of your forgiveness, mercy, grace, and spiritual growth. The more time you spend with God the easier it is to tell when the enemy is trying to steal, kill, and destroy your relationship with another member in the family of Christ. Fight the enemy not your family.

John 10:10, Ephesians 6:10-18

Take your faith and see it through

Don't let your faith waiver in times of great peril or disappointment. If you remain steadfast and believe that God is able to do what He has promised, you will see the glory of God in your situation and it will be a witness to others. Don't lose heart.

John 11:39-45, Hebrews 11:1,6

Read the Word, Share the Gospel, Be Accountable

"In His JOY!"

Sunday, August 18, 2013

"Stop rockin' the boat, just leave"

Jonah 1-3

How do you handle direction? If God where to tell you to move to a different state, find a new job, or just some major change in your life how would you handle it? Would you consider where God is sending you, to whom He is sending, or maybe you would ask yourself "How does this benefit me?" 

I look at Jonah, God give Him clear direction to go speak to a rebellious people but Jonah rejected that notion and went the opposite direction (Jonah 1:1-3). But God got His attention by giving Jonah the worst cruise experience ever and followed it up by making Jonah seafood (Jonah 7-17).
Jonah did relent and do what the Lord had directed him to do (Jonah 2). But it took God allowing that adversity in the life of Jonah for Jonah to change his mind and obediently follow God.

So I ask you are you following God? Has God provided you with clear direction and you have clearly gone the opposite way? Is God calling out of a corporate office and into international missions. Is God calling you out of the pulpit and into an office. Is God calling you to go a speak with your next door neighbor. Is God calling you to humble yourself and take a job that does not pay well. Or God may even be calling you to share Christ with your enemy. But I assure you God is calling you to do something but if you neglect to obedient to the call do not be shocked when He "rocks your boat", and much like Jonah, God does not "rock your boat" to take His anger out on you. No He is simply trying to get you headed in the right direction. He wants you to see the bigger picture. His callings for our lives have nothing to do with what we want, it has all to do with leading others to repentance that they may know Christ.

Jonah was to go Nineveh deliver God's Word, and their godly sorrow lead them to repent (Jonah 3:6-10). That is what God has called us to do. We are to reconcile others with God through Jesus and show them how live a Christian life (Matthew 28:16-20, 2 Corinthians 5:18-21). Now where He has chosen for us to do it is His Sovereign Choice, not ours. We have to get over being selfish and wanting things done our way. It's not about "you" or "me", it's all about Him and bringing salvation to those who need it wherever they are. Stay focused, you can do this.

Read the Word, Share the Gospel, Be Accountable

"In His JOY!"


I remember when Curran became sick this year sometime around Christmas. He slept most of the day away but he woke up for a moment and asked could he sit in my lap. I said sure buddy, he laid in my arms and fell asleep. Then he sat up and looked me in eyes, I felt we were having a good father and son moment. However without warning, he opened his mouth and vomited all over me.

It lasted for about 1 minute but it felt like an eternity. I could not move fast enough to get out-of-the-way. I was dunking and dodging the vomit but I did not leave my son because he needed me.

I think of how many times I have offended God with my poor choices regardless of my reasoning behind making them. But He never left my side. He was not pleased with my actions but He stayed with me through my illness of sin. God would not leave my side because I was His son and in my sin I was desperate need of Him. He loved not only with words but with action.

But what about our fellow Christians, why do we separate our love from them. In the midst of trouble, hardship, persecution, material things, danger, or war I have seen Christians abandon each other and spread vicious rumors. As Christians we should allow nothing to come between us because we need each other. We don't have the power to stop someone from having issues and taking it out on us. Much like I did not have the power to stop Curran from getting sick and vomiting on me. But we do have the power to forgive them and stay close enough to them so they will know we are here to help. But just like I was moving out-of-the-way of Curran's Projectiles so I would not get sick but I remained close enough to help. We should not stand by and subject ourselves to unnecessary pain. Because run the damaged of "getting sick" ourselves. We can become bitter, unforgiving, cold-hearted, or yet worse walk away from the Lord.

This is why we must learn to love as God loves. We allow nothing to stop our love for God's People or even our enemies for that matter. The world loves with categorical love, but we are not like them. We walk in love, speak the truth in love, and never stop loving. We love even when it hurts. If our spiritually sick brother/sister in Christ wrongs (for whatever reason) we stay steadfast and try to help them get well. We are close enough to them to help all the while ensuring we are not putting ourselves in position to get "sick" as well. Stay focused you can do this.
Romans 8:35-39

"In His JOY!"

Read the Word, Share the Gospel, Be Accountable.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

"Deliver Me!"

Sometimes God gives us victory in a situation, physically delivers us from the situation, and/or He decides to take us to our Heavenly Home. Either way you are His and He will take care of you. Stay focused, you can do this.

Isaiah 43:1-5, 1 Peter 5:10-11

"Hey, pay attention. I'm talking"

Hebrews 3:15-19, 2 Samuel 12:1-15, Acts 9:1-19

David and Saul where far from God. David was having an affair and planned a murder. Saul was persecuting Christians to the death. However God got David's attention using a children's story. It was not to belittle David as if he could understand his sin. it was so David could understand the impact of his sin and the consequences of it. David was convicted and turned from sin. He blinded Saul to get His attention not because God was being cruel but to stop Him from sinning against God. It was to stop murder spree and give Saul instruction that changed his belief of who Jesus. And to Saul a new purpose and even change Saul's name to Paul. What is your child like story, what is your blinding light? What is God using to get your attention. Are you listening or are you ignoring God as if He does not know you are heading in the wrong direction. What instruction is He trying to get to you to bring you closer to Him? He is talking are you listening?

Read the Word, Share the Gospel, Be Accountable

"In His JOY!"

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Got the me your work

Matthew 6:1, Matthew 5:16

Good actions that lack genuine faith are nothing more than just a smoke screen to hide a hypocritical heart and mask the want for self glorification. But heart of genuine faith desires only to please God, this produces acts of service that are not focused on self gratification or to appease others. But the only focus is to bring glory to God so others may come to know Him.  You can do this.

Read the Word, Spread the Gospel,  Be Accountable

"In His JOY!"

"Fake Love = Real Hate"

1 Corinthians 13, 1 John 4, Luke 6:27-36, Romans 12:9-21, Psalm 139:23

Having knowledge of God's Word, speaking in tongues, prophesying, sharing my wealth, and/or having an unshakable faith does prove that God's Spirit lives within me. These are all outward signs any hypocrite or unbeliever could mimic. Proof that God lives within me is having unconditional and unwavering love for all inwardly. Outward appearances can serve as a smoke screen to my true intent and feelings towards others. We cannot fake love. Because God is love. And cannot fool God He knows our heart, do you know your heart?

Read the Word, Share the Gospel, Be Accountable

"In His JOY!"

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Do your job

Deuteronomy. 6:6-7, Matthew 28:16-20

God did not require the public school system, the government, or the local pastor to teach my children what His Holy Word says. He requires me to teach my children what His Word says and means. We cannot be dependent upon a system that does not honor or recognize Jesus to teach them what morals and values are. And we cannot become lazy and expect one person to be solely responsible for teaching our children God's Word. Being a Christian parent is more than providing the basic needs in life, it is about ensuring the most Essential Need (Jesus) is met first. Lead your kids to Jesus, Disciple your family, Teach your children God's Word, and Let's stop blaming others for failing to do what God has called us to do.  You can do this.

Read the Word, Spread the Gospel, Be Accountable

"In His JOY!"

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Bring them to His Feet

John 8:1-11, Mark 2:1-22

We can either bring people to the feet of Jesus in the hope He will condemn them for their sins or we can bring them to the feet of Jesus and have faith they will accept His forgiveness and be healed. Be warned if you are bringing them for judgment be prepared to have your sin confronted as well. Seek after mercy not justice, you can do this.

Read the Word, Spread the Gospel, Be Accountable

Monday, July 15, 2013


A man woke up today and has to deal with the guilt of taking someone's life, whether it was done with evil intent or he was truly defending himself, he has fight that pain today. A family across town has to continue to struggle with the loss of their son, knowing he will never return home, and questioning ever descion that led up to that fatal night. Unlike them we all get to debate our feelings, vent our anger, or make a political statements. Whether we think justice was served or not, no descion in that courtroom will restore the life lost. We can blame an injust system, we can look at race, we can even pronuce judgment but it will not return what was loss. But Christian you can pray for God's strength for all involved. Christian you can pray for the one you look on with hatred and have displace your anger on, because that is What Jesus Would Do. Christian you can be a voice of reason in a world of chaos or you can be a voice chaos when America is in need of reason. Christian you can bring The Light to a dark place or you can be the darkness that tries to cover the light. You can spread hate over love or let Christ's perfect love abolish the hate. Yes it is said we live in the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave. But in reality, without Christ as the center we are in the land of bondage and home of the fearful, it is Christ who sets us free and we can embrace that freedom when we abide in Him. So if Christ is in you. If you have the Hope of Glory. If you bow your knees to Him, ask HIM how you should respond to this event, ask Him to give you the words to post instead posting your own. Look with His eyes on all involved with Trayvon Martin Case. Look to Him not your feelings. It is our duty as Christians to represent Christ on this Earth because He represented us on the cross. So we should seek how to represent Him regardless what we are facing. I am not saying we do not speak out when we beleive we are seeing injustice. But I am saying present your arguments in such a way that God will be honored and not shamed. I am saying you got witness one person sin, mistake, or whatever you want call it broadcast around the world but your sin that has hurt your family, destroyed relationships, or even caused to the demise of someone else was kept private and no one was there to document it and openly judge you. But if they were we would want to be heard instead of labeled. We would all want to be helped instead of hurt. And we would all want the chance to change the past instead walking in it's consequences that exist in the present. We would all want as much grace/mercy as we could get. But be warned Christian one day we all will be exposed for our sins before a just God. So today extend that same grace,mercy to those who need it even if you feel they do not deserve it because God extended it to you. Today pray for all families that where forever changed by this horrific event. Stand up for Jesus today and live as He would have you in regards to this tragic event.

Bad Teacher

When people are teaching heresy or misrepresenting the Word of God it is the responsibility of any Christian who hears it to pray that God will open the eyes of the the one spreading false teaching. If they neglect to see the truth, our prayer should be for God to remove the teacher from their position. We should not support false doctrine nor remain silent. We should remove ourselves from their teaching as well. False doctrines only produces hypocrites and justification for sin. Sound doctrine produces followers of Christ.

2 Timothy 4:1-5, Ephesians 4:14-15, Matthew 7:15-20

"In His JOY!"

Poisoned Fruit

Apart from God we are nothing and anything we accomplish apart from Him is as valuable as poisoned fruit. But with Him there is no end to what we can achieve and nothing that can stand against us. So we are not timid to do His Will but rather eager and courageous to do the Will of God.

John 15:1-8, Isaiah 54:17

Read the Word, Share the Gospel, Be Accountable

"In His JOY!"

"Get back to work, you're not done yet!!!"

Philippians 2:16

The support of others does not determine productivity in regards to you doing God's Will. People can support your plan to do the Will of God but that does not bind them aid you. When we start to do the things God has directed us to do, we often start with a BANG!!!! Everybody is on board with you and saying "I am so excited and I am here to help" and then suddenly they are "Gone Like The Wind".

We easily get discouraged, question if we heard from The Lord, and just want to give up. But understand this, God is The Alpha and Omega, The Beginning and The End, The First and The Last. He is God. He sparks the desire within us to do His Will. He gives us the ability to do His Will. And we do not stop doing His Will because of lack of support of others, we press on until we have accomplished what He commissioned us to do.

You do not decide if it's over, He does. Trust me the supportive words of others at times may out weigh their productivity. And that is okay because God provides you with the supportive words in The Bible and He provides the strength you need to do His Will (Philippians 4:11-13).

Let's not become bitter with those who have left you (Philippians 2:13). You do not know what God has told them or where He is leading them. So don't judge their actions but when you start something new you should always pray "Lord send the workers to help and those who are not here to help guide them to the place where they can best glorify you".

And if you can help someone be productive in what God has called them to do, pray and ask God what is it He would like you to do. If His Spirit leads you to help than be productive. If His Spirit leads you another direction than pray that God will send the workers (Philippians 1:4).

This is not a critique or a knock against anyone. This is just that gas you need to get the car started again. Stay focused, you can do this!

Read The Word, Share The Gospel, Be Accountable

"In His JOY!"
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Sunday, July 14, 2013

"My life is in His hands"

John 8:1-11

We can chose to put our lives in the hands of our accusers and let them condemn us for our sinful past because we deserve it. Or we can chose to put our life in the hands of our Savior, be forgiven, and live a life that pleases Him. Whose hands are you putting life in? The unqualified judges of life who rightly condemn or The Just Judge who offers a second chance for the guilty?

Read the Word, Spread the Gospel, Be Accountable

"In His JOY!"

"God's Not Fair"

Matt 18:21-35, John 3:16

If God was fair we would all die for our sins and be eternally punished. But God was unfair and Jesus died in our place. Thank God for being unfair. Forgiveness is not about being fair and punishing someone for their wrongs, it is about being unfair and showing mercy, the offender just has to accept it. If we fail to show mercy because of an offense, God will show us what fairness looks like

Read the Word, Spread the Gospel, Be Accountable

"In His JOY!"

Sunday, July 7, 2013


Proverbs 19:20

My generation is often described in with one word that begins with an "e", can you guess what it is? People from my generation would say it's "empowered", "energetic", "entrepreneur", or even "educated". But it is neither, we are often called "entitled". Because we are often thought of as people who feel entitled to everything but act as if we have to earn nothing. And it is true, we can carry "The World Owes Me" persona and we expect unearned respect, promotions, authority, and power. We even feel entitled to blessings from Jesus because we are special. This carry's over in how we treat the generations before us, we find ourselves treating those older than us with no honor and no respect. It creates friction because we think that the older generation knows nothing but we walk as if we know everything. If you look at the teen movies that became popular in our generation and are popular now they all carry the same theme "Daddy wants his son to do what he says, but the son rebels and breaks away because he is own man at the rip old age of 18 and he has life all figured out", "The daughter falls in love with the rebel from school, the overbearing mother, who has repressed her own sinful desires since high school, holds her back but the daughter and the rebel get married and run off in the sunset with no money, job, or place to live."

The truth is entitlement is a fancy way to say "I am prideful." Make no mistake about it that God opposes the prideful but His Grace is given to the humble (James 4:6, 1 Peter 5:5). Humility is the only cure for the case of "I-know-it-all-idis". The generations before us can teach us decades of wisdom. A couple celebrating 30 years of marriage can teach so much to newly weds. A manager at your job who has been in the career field for 20 years can offer insight to a new employee but it takes us being humble enough to admit that we need help. We must willing say, "I know nothing, will you teach me, mentor me, help, show me the way". I see young prideful preachers close their ears to anyone offering help. My generation tends to look at the older generation in judgement. Thoughts like "They think they know everything", They are always trying to control my life", or "They are so old-fashioned" run through our heads. But listen, the truth is, they have been where we have not, lived our dream, done what we are hoping to do, and could write a book about it. 

But lack of humility we lead you to a place where God will humble you (Matthew 23:12). If you fail to show honor, humility, and respect to someone older than you or even someone who has authority over you how do you expect to show it to God? God does require us to honor those in higher positions than us as well as those who are older than us (Leviticus 19:32, Romans 13:7). When we learn to stand on the shoulders of those who came before us by allowing them to mentor us and learn from their wisdom we will grow. Pride will only bring you disgrace but humility will bring you wisdom (Proverbs 11:2). And you cannot expect anyone to honor you if fail to show humility (Proverbs 15:33).

This is not a knock against my generation and this is not to say that you are not due honor nor that you have nothing to offer. It is simply to say this, learn from those who have gone before you. Stand on their shoulders and let them lift you up with their wisdom. You can do this!

Read the Word, Spread the Gospel, Be Accountable

"In His JOY!"

Sunday, June 30, 2013

"Wine Water"

John 2:1-11

Jesus showed up for a wedding party and everybody was having fun. The electric slide was playing, people were laughing, and food was awesome. But they quickly ran out wine and it was customary to have the wine flowing at a wedding celebration. Now the wine of that time was not the kind we have now. The wine back than was for water purification and not meant to get people drunk. To us it would taste like flavored water. Jesus' mother Mary was also there and heard that there was no more wine, she went to Jesus for help. His reply was "Women, what does that have to do with me, it's not time for me to show miracles yet" Mary turned to the servants who were responsible for serving the wine and said "Do what He says" (John 2:1-5) The next thing we know Jesus says, "Fill the water jugs used for purification up with water and go out and serve the guest." The servants filled the water jugs and when they began to serve everyone exclaimed how must people wait until the end to serve the best wine but they can clearly see that they are drinking the best wine now (John 2:6-10). And when those following Jesus saw the water had become wine the believed in Him and God was given the glory (John 2:11).

Such a rich moment of time that is retold here in the book of John. How hard do we make it for God to show Himself strong in our life? We come to Jesus much like Mary with a need that is present in our lives or the lives of someone else. We plead with Him for help and when He gives us direction all we have to do is what He says. We do not need to add to the plan of God or take away from it. All we simply need to do is what He says regardless how ridiculous it sounds to us are how dumb it seems. cannot read God's Word and get clear direction of how He desires for us to live and then neglect to actually do what He says. The Bible calls this mindset foolishness (Matthew 7:26-27) and it says that we are deceiving ourselves (James 1:22-25) thinking we enjoy success doing it our way. We have to actively do what God's Word says and not merely passively listen. Because for those who trust in God's Way, He will do what His Word proclaims and He will never fall short of His Word (Isaiah 55:10-11). But we have to willingly obey His Word to receive His result for us about the situation we are facing. God's faithfulness is not in question but our faithfulness to God's Word is. We all have failed in this area from time to time but thank the Lord for His Grace, Mercy, and Patience with us.

When it comes to following God's Word we must replace our fear with His Faith. Replace our doubt with His trust. And replace our will with His Way. Then we can watch how He turns our water (our situation) into wine (our testimony), He will receive Glory, and others will come to believe in Jesus. You can do this!

Read the Word, Spread the Gospel, Be Accountable

"In His JOY!"

Sunday, June 23, 2013

"The Hero's Club"

Romans 1:16

Jesus was rejected and called intolerable. He was mocked, ridiculed, called a lair, and the devil. But this did not stop Him from sharing the Good News that salvation and forgiveness was for all who accepted Him as the Savior of the World, Lord of their life, and as God in a human body. He lost friends, associates, and eventually His life. However he gained so much more in return, He was resurrected and gave us all eternal life if we choose to accept Him. 

But if Jesus had been a coward, salvation would have never been possible. Because He willing embraced shame instead of fame. Because He considered obedience worth more than comfort. Because He considered God's Way better than the devil's temptation all this is possible. You and I can embrace Salvation, walk in forgiveness, have peace, and see God's Truth. But remember Jesus choose to please God and not those around them. In pleasing God He bought eternal comfort to the masses. He could have remained an ordinary carpenter and become skilled in His craft and could have changed the few by giving them designer furniture but He chose to give us all something better. He gave a way to be with God and enjoy His Love. 

Let us be courageous like Jesus and share the Gospel. Let us step out the ordinary and walk with Jesus. Sharing the Gospel is not a heavy burden. But living without Jesus is a weight that cannot be carried or moved by human hands. It takes a God like strength to move that weight. There are many imitators who try to lift it but they always fail. Only Jesus can lift it off the shoulders of humanity. But the world will never know the feeling of relief from the burden of life if those who know Jesus are too afraid to share the message about the "Ultimate Weight Lifter". Share the Gospel friends it's the highest expression of love you could ever offer to anyone. Stay focused, you can do this!

"In His JOY!"

"He did not ask for a slice of pie! He wants the whole thing"

Deuteronomy 6:5 

Love the LORD your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength.

God wants all of you and nothing less. A simple statement filled with complexity. All of me, He truly wants all of me. He tells me there is nothing to gain in this World but a world of abundant life is in Him (Luke 9:25, John 10:10). He tells me to change the way I think based of His Words (Romans 12:12). He tells me that His Word brings life to me (1 Peter 1:23). And yet He tells me still to love Him with all that I am (Deuteronomy 6:5).

But at times I get so afraid to give my all to God not because future scares me. I mean I know that Jesus has great plans for me. And it is certainly not because I feel I can't trust God because I have found Him to faithful and true. Sometimes fear grips me because I realize that I, unlike the Perfect God I serve, am imperfect. I have flaws and faults that seem to haunt me in my sleep and thoughts. Past sins and failures seem to randomly appear and remind me how inadequate I truly am. And it hurts because I think "I can't do this God! What you are asking of me is not impossible, I am going to embarrass you with my ugly sin!"

Think how many times we let ourselves get in the way of God. How many times have we struggled to do God's Will because of lack confidence in us not due to lack of faith in God. We all have a measure of faith (Romans 12:3) but we may not have enough confidence to believe that God has made us and equipped us with the tools, people, and gifts to that will make us successful to do His Will.

When God called Jeremiah, Jeremiah was hesitant to answer Him (Jeremiah 1: 4-10). He told God "Wait I am too young!" But God reminded Jeremiah that He would be there with Him despite what may come. He told Jeremiah that He would deliver him from trouble. This is key because it shows that Jeremiah would face failures, set backs, and disappointments but regardless God would be there as his Savior. And then the Lord filled Jeremiah with His Precious Word. But Jeremiah had to wiling give his all to God. He had to see past himself and see only God. Jeremiah had to lose himself to gain God.

We are clay in God's hands. Our short comings are nothing more than marred clay in the hands of Gods. And what He desires is to take that imperfection, that mistake, or that secret shame and heal you. But we have to give it all to God. Trust me when you give your all to God, He will exchange the ashes of your life for His beauty (Isaiah 63:1).

Don't worry there will be failure and heartache but God will turn it around for YOUR GOOD (Romans 8:28)! But you have to know He has prepared you for the task He has called you to do. You are ready whether you know it or not, you can do this. But it all starts today at this moment. You have to take that courageous step and give your all to God. And NOW is the TIME, this second is your moment. So take hold of it and utterly surrender to God, give Him your all.

Don't say to yourself, this was a good little blurb of information but it's not for me because it is. How long will you flirt with Giving Jesus every bit of you, when will you go and grow? This is for all of us Christians. The time for change is now we have only seen what God can do with a small amount of us imagine if we gave Him all of us. Just imagine…. Stay focused, you can do this!

"In His JOY!"