Monday, November 24, 2014

The Verdict

The verdict in the Micheal Brown case rocked me to the depths of my heart. I will not lie it hurt and it will hurt for sometime. It may be because I have personalized Ferguson because I am from St. Louis, it may be because I am African American, or it may be because I have a son never the less I feel pain. But I know and trust that God was not surprised or shocked about the outcome of the trial He knew what the verdict would be. So I trust He has prepared His Grace and Strength for all those involved who are hurt by this unfortunate turn of events if they would accept it and turn to Him.
We have a choice right now, we can continue to look at the news or social media and allow it to incite our raw emotions, bicker with another whether justice was served or not, or we can turn to God and His Word. We can call out to Him for insight and wisdom too deal with this our we can trust everything that has been reported. We can grieve with the Brown Family and do what we can to aid them in this time of pain or we can go against their wishes of peace and resort to violence. We can act like Christians and put God's Word in action by being gracious and merciful towards Darren Wilson if we view him as the enemy. Because loving someone like Christ loves us is TRULY HARD and difficult at times but this is not to say it cannot be done. This is why the Bible says love is patient, kind, long suffering, etc., in ourselves we or ill equipped to do this but in Christ there is nothing we can't do (1 Corinthians 13, Philippians 2:13) We can do a lot right now and make the proper choices if we are willing to let God have His Way in us right now.
I am not trying to make anyone feel better, worse, or take away what you feel right now but I see the need for African American Christian Men to step up and set an example right now of what it means to follow and obey Jesus in the most difficult of circumstances. I see the great urgency to share the Gospel because death comes for us all and it does not show favoritism. Whether we die in peace or violence eventually we all die, now we can sit and protest against one another after someone dies or we can stand and fight the enemy who is trying to send everyone regardless of the color of their skin to hell. He does not care about the method he only looks to get the same result. This encourages me to share the Gospel with the awareness death is the end result of everyone who walks this Earth. But after we die where we end up is totally up to us if we make the choice to accept Jesus and follow Him or reject Him and do what we want. From all the reports I heard Micheal Brown accepted Christ and I prayed that he followed Jesus even if he (not that he did) made some poor choices in life (like we all have done, it's just ours was not put on the national news), so by all accounts he was ready for eternity. Or you ready today for eternity?
So I implore you Christian to pray to God for the healing of our land that is in such desperate need to be restored from this brokenness, I implore you Christian Father's to raise up Godly Men like my father raised me and my brothers, I implore you young African American Christian Men to follow the example of Christ and not try to fit the mold society, yourself, your family, your friends, and the entertainment industry is telling you that you need to be. And times I see some trying to make us the next president while others try to make us the next Grammy Award Wining Rapper, but I would rather my son bypass all of that and be who God has called him to be regardless of what it may be.
I pray for you Ferguson because I know you are hurting, I know you are perplexed, and wandering what to do next. Look to hills from which your help comes from, look to Jesus and allow Him to guide you through this. An education can not fix a spiritual problem, laws cannot change our hearts, for to long we have relayed on men to fix what can only be repaired by God. Stay strong everyone because right now the country needs you to be the example...stay focused you can do this!
2 Chronicles 7:14, Proverbs 3:5-7
Read the Word, Share the Gospel, Be Accountable