Thursday, January 19, 2012

"Cleaning out my system"

John 8:31-36, Romans 2:1-4, 12:1-3

It's time to eat some "Spiritual Activia Yogurt" and flush your system. We live in a world that is full of all kinds of wickedness and sin. Turn on the news and we get to see how people through out the world have sinned by committing murder, adultery, black mail, etc. The number one shows on television entertain us with these stories that were "ripped from the headlines". And it becomes increasingly easy to say to myself, "Such a sinful world! Thank God I'm don't act like that!" This is where I take my first helping of "Spiritual Activia Yogurt" and admit that I am sinner who has been save by grace...and GRACE ALONE! Friends we have to come to the realization that accepting Jesus is more than just a prayer and proclamation it is a lifestyle choice. Swallow your pride and REALLY deal with your sin. Rid yourself of the excuse that "Only God can judge me" or "He knows my heart". And accept that you have issues whether they are known externally by others or internally by you alone. Admit your sin to God and refuse yourself the opportunity to take pleasure in it. Pray for the strength to resist it and for the courage to follow through. This is not me condemning you but it is me saying WE ALL me must humble ourselves and recognize OUR SIN. See your sin and repent. Repent and walk in the liberty (freedom not to be a slave to sin) Jesus gave you. Walk in your liberty and but continue to run away from opportunistic moments to sin. Stay focused, you can do this!

 "In His Joy"

"Back to the future with Joy"

Isaiah 43:18-19, 55:11

You have to let go of the past in order grab hold of the future. When God calls us to start something new we must be willing to embrace it with a new hope. Don't be daunted by past failures, present circumstances, or future obstacles. Instead, look to Jesus and trust in His Word. The mission He has for you will be accomplished and His purpose will be fulfilled. Stay focused, you can do this!

 "In His Joy"

"I hate that scum bag...he reminds me of me"

Colossians 3:10, 12-15

Lack of mercy shows lack of maturity. How can you speak of Jesus if you only extend hatred, malice, bitterness, and rage against others. Our lives should reflect a change in how we express mercy to those are in need of it. Mercy is not a reward we give when we are proven right, it is extended without merit deed. It is a gift that is freely given but is bought at our own expense. To shower you with mercy I give up my right to hate, be bitter, hold a grudge, express my rage, do harm and to wish ill upon you. In return I grow in Christ Jesus and bring Him glory. Stay focused, you can do this! 

"In His Joy"

Your heart is lying to careful

Psalm 37:4-5, Jeremiah 17:9-10, John 3:30

You can hear it in the music you listen too, the movies you watch, or even in the books you read...FOLLOW YOUR HEART! It's almost a mantra that is continually repeated. We are encouraged from an early age to follow our heats. You may even hear it in a sermon. Our hearts often mislead us to follow after dreams that are all about personal benefits or personal glory. Our more importantly it is not in God's Will for our lives. That is why shows that promote becoming a star or achieving 15 minutes of fame are so popular because it speaks to a selfish desire. I am not against those who participate on those shows, in fact I am happy for them. But it is the ideological purpose behind the shows I dislike. As you grow your desires will always change, you don't want the same things this year that you did 15 years ago.. As we grow in Christ our desires become more about Him and not about us. Follow after Christ and watch how your heart changes to His. Stay focused, you can do this! 

"In His Joy"

Real Love...not that fake stuff

Luke 15:11-13, 1 Corinthians 13:4-8

There is Joy in loving someone. There is a sense of wholeness when you share Christ by offering forgiveness, extending grace, or showing mercy. Love acknowledges all your imperfections but is patient enough to walk with you as Jesus strengthens you to overcome them. Open your hearts as we begin to celebrate the birth of Jesus and show love to your enemy, haters, or whomever. And never stop showing them love. Lay aside your emotions and love them. Love them like Jesus loves you. Be patient and kind. Do not envy, boast, or be built up with arrogance. Be polite, seek to bless others and not just yourself. Be slow to anger, keep no record of wrongs. Rejoice in the truth and take no joy in evil. Always protect, always trusts, always hope, always persevere. And you will never fail regardless the outcome. Stay focused, you can do this. 

"In His Joy"

Knocking at Death's Door with JOY

Acts 13:36

I rejoice in death because it signifies to me when I die (no matter the cause or way) I will have served God's Purpose in my life for my generation. In other words I can rest knowing that my life is not about longevity but about purpose. And whether others feel I was taken too soon or died in a cruel way, God's Will for my life was completed before I died. I will be able to leave behind a legacy that does not point to me but lifts up Jesus. I do not want to be known for being a good man, a great father, or excellent husband (although we as men should live a life that shows this). I want to be known for doing God's Will in my generation and the accolades that I mentioned above will just be the results from serving God. Because when people see that I gave my all so God may be glorified it will lead them to salvation and eternal life. It will open their eyes and teach them they way that is right. Because to me the most important legacy is not the one you talk about but the one you live. Many men in my family have died and are with Christ. These men where not without their share of shortcomings but what I remember about them most is the desire to live for Christ and not themselves. And that is what I inspire to be. Stay focused, you can do this!

 "In His Joy"

You are beautiful

Psalm 139:14 

You are so beautiful. You are talented and creative. You have your weakness but you also have your strengths. You will accomplish all that God has for you in Christ strength. You are uniquely you, irreplaceable, and a wonder. I praise God for you. When He created you, He made a joyous, glorious, and magnificent person. You have value that never depreciate. Stay focused, you can do this! 

"In His Joy"

What road will you travel

2 Timothy 4:3-4

There are times I read The Bible and I struggle with what I have read. Mainly it is because I am confronted with my own sin. It is here where I have a choice, 1) I can acknowledge my sin and change or 2) Try too make The Bible conform to my views. Choice #1 will bring God glory and give me true joy. Choice #2 will allow me to continue sinning and give me a false sense of peace. What will you chose? Stay focused, you can do this!

 "In His Joy"

Say yes

Jeremiah 17:14

The ultimate acceptance of God's Will is to say, " Lord, whatever you have for me I accept. And praise you not for what you give me but for who you are. And you are my praise. Stay focused, you can do this! 

"In His Joy"

Keeping it real

Psalm 4:2

This upcoming year really pursue Jesus. But do it in a way that brings Him glory and not you. Don't bring reproach on Him by being a hypocrite with contradictory words and deeds, instead let your actions prove your words true. Stop chasing after dreams full of vanity and lies. Hunger, desire, and pursue God because He will give dreams that have value and are a preview of a reality that are soon to come. Stay focused, you can do this. 

"In His Joy

I give so you can have

Philippians 4:19, Acts 2:45, Acts 20:35

We are not blessed for our own well being. There are some things that I received over the course of life that I knew where just for me and there where times when I was blessed not for my own benefit but for the benefit of others. It feels so good to give to someone, it is a ministry like no other. But we become fixated at times and believe that the things we acquire are ours but trust me they are really not. We are blessed to be a blessing so we can give to others. And this is a promise, God will take care of your needs, my family and I are a living witness to this. So this upcoming year withdraw yourself from the attachment of things and begin to open up your heart and give.  Stay focused, you can do this!

"In His Joy"


Philippians 4:4

Don't look for a reason, don't search for why, even if you don't feel like it....Just REJOICE, and watch how you mood changes. Today was a gift from Jesus so take full advantage of it and REJOICE! Awake from your slumber of grief, anguish, and sadness and REJOICE! Change your mood, change your attitude, change your way of thinking about the situation and REJOICE! Stay focused, you can do this. 

"In His Joy"

It's not the end

Hebrews 13:5-8

I know you are tired and want to stop but it feels like you can't. Your addiction has evolved into a beast. It was once a causal habit but now you can't stop. Your life has spun into a whirlwind that you feel you can no longer control. The drugs don't work they only remind you of your weakness, the alcohol helps you forget but you always end up remembering in the end, and you are faking you way through the day. Family has become your enemy, friends are now just associates, and job that used to be a joy now is a painfully reminder of what used to be. What ever state you feel you are in know that Jesus hasn't left you, He is right next you if you will let Him. His Joy is strength (Nehemiah 8:10), you just have to let Him in. You may feel like ending it all because than this mess will be over. But understand that God has so much more for you (Romans 8:18, Jeremiah 29:11). All He is asking is for a chance to love you and care for you. Come on you have given in to everything else, now it time to give in to Him. Trust this, accepting Him will be the best thing you have ever done. Put the bottle down, don't pull the trigger, don't give up. Stay focused, you can do this 

"In His Joy" 
(If you know someone who could use this repost it, foward it, copy and paste it, or memorize it and say it. I don't care this is not about me or you, just help to get the message of true hope to someone you know needs it.)

Trail by fire, growth by choice

James 1:2, Romans 5:3-5

When the world is faced with difficulty they implode, get a life coach, or run to the quickest fix. But this is not what Jesus requires of us. He tells to rejoice and consider that moment in time a joyous occasion. Because the trial that He custom made for us is going to produce a most excellent result. It is going change who think we are into who He created us to be, a Saint and not a Sinner. 

This does not mean we will not cry, experience hurt, or even suffer great loss. But it does reassure us that the end will always turn out greater than the beginning (Romans 8:18). We may not see it now and we may feel completely abandoned. However we are not, we are actually closer to Him (Psalm 34:18, Hebrews 13:5) So let us remember that if you accepted Jesus, He custom made your trial to mature you, grow you, change you, and to manifest in you more of Him and less of you. Stay focused, you can do this! 

"In His JOY!"

Real Life Coach

Isaiah 9:6

Jesus is an excellent planner for your life (wonderful counselor), a strong warrior there to defend you (Mighty God), an eternal king who is watching over you (Everlasting Father), and will provide you a place free worry because you are under his rule (Prince of Peace). Stay focused you can do this. 

"In His Joy"